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Vendor Auditing

For more information please download our Vendor Auditing Brochure.

For more information, please contact Gert Oberholster at:

Cell: 082 090 2813

Step Across Training, in association with Abcor Law provides

 Vendor Auditing services.

Abcor Law Vendor Auditing Brochure.pdf Auditor's  Profiles

Our Internal Labor Relations Auditors provide a full screening of vendors, providing Vendor Validation Certificates, ensuring that your company's Supply Chain Partners comply with the minimum requirements of the BCEA and the LRA.  


1. Every vendor complies with the

    minimum requirements of the BCEA.  

2. Every vendor complies with the minimum

    requirements of the LRA.  

3. Liability is removed where possible

     from your premises and placed with



1. All vendors are accredited.  

2. Guide vendors to comply in areas that are

    currently lacking.  

All vendors are issued with a Testimonium to

confirming their Vendor Compliance of the


The provisions of Section 198 (4) and Schedule 8 of the Labour Relations Act; Chapter 2 – 6 and Section 82(3) – 87 of the Basic Conditions of Employment Act as well Section 4, 12, 14, 20, 23, 24 and 57 (2) of the Employment Equity Act; Good Standing of COIDA, Tax, UIF, and SDL

For  a full description of the process download our

Vendor Auditing Process Outline

Vendor Audit process.pdf

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