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Where can Step Beyond Development run in-house events?

We can run in-house training almost anywhere on the continent of Africa! The only limiting factors are language and the safety and security of our trainers.

All Step Beyond Development courses are available in English and Afrikaans. Due to the training approach we use, we are not able to work with interpreters so we therefore require learners to have a good standard of written and spoken English.

If a client needs us to travel to an area considered a high security risk, we require that the trainer is included in the organisation’s security policy and insurance.

What will Step Beyond Development provide for an in-house course?

Step Beyond Development will provide:

What will Step Beyond Development provide for an in-house course?

Step Beyond Development will provide:

In-house clients are responsible for:

Ensuring the training group is suitable for the course being delivered.

Organising course bookings and participants’ logistics

Hiring or providing training facilities and equipment suitable for participatory-style group training

Arranging lunch & refreshments for participants and trainer

What does it cost to have a Step Beyond Development in-house course?

We provide tailored courses (specially written) at no additional cost.  Tailored courses will however need a longer notice period for development.

More about our fees:

Our course fees include:

When you are working out your budget to run the training, don’t forget to include other costs that Step Beyond Development is not responsible for, such as:

We will provide you with a budget showing a breakdown of all Step Beyond Development’s charges and contract costs, and terms of reference (TORs) outlining what each party is responsible for. TORs are valid for two weeks. An invoice for a deposit of 50% of the course fee will be issued once TORs are signed, to secure the dates and booking.

What information does Step Beyond Development need to provide an in-house training course?

To help us prepare a quotation and training proposal, we need some preliminary information. If you complete and return the In-house request form, we will be able to proceed with your enquiry immediately.

About our In-House Training Events
Request Quotation PDF In-House Request

To Request a Quotation for an In-House Event:

Please download the PDF  In-House Quotation Request Form

Complete the details on the editable PDF form

Send the completed form by e-mail to Jaco Kleynhans:

If you have 10 or more people who need training, it often works out cheaper to have an in-house version of a Step Beyond Development course.

In-house training is where one organisation (or a group of NGOs) commissions Step Beyond Development to provide a training event for its own staff or partner NGOs.

In-house training courses will either be:

'Off-the-shelf' – where a standard Step Beyond Development course is delivered or;

Tailored– where Step Beyond Development will write a new course, according to the requirements received.

How does Step Beyond Development tailor courses?

Your business is unique — no one does it like you. Your training should be distinct, as well. Step Beyond Development  can provide fully customised training programmes upon your request. These training programmes are entirely created around your specific training needs and are adapted to the level of knowledge of your staff - from induction level for newcomers to specialised courses for your experienced staff.

We design, develop and deliver these training programmes ourselves, based on our standard portfolio or completely designed from scratch. We can even include your own processes and best practice to offer your staff a complete view from start to finish.

You make the decisions based on your needs for training that's tailored to your:

Together with our expert developers, we scope out your training programme. You decide which areas and topics you require training on for the different divisions and job profiles in your institution, taking into account your staff’s level of expertise. We assess the training need and create a training programme which is specifically tailored to your needs and training objectives.

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