Gert Oberholster has many years of experience in different aspects of Production, Project, Logistics and Quality Management while being employed by various organisations. At present he is a self-employed professional, where he makes use of process consultation techniques to operate, on assignment, as an independent advisor in the fields of Quality, Project and Production Management. He is a part time university lecturer and has 8 years’ experience in facilitation; assessments; moderations; training; education and basic auditing. He has done courses in all major areas in South Africa; Namibia; Zambia; Tanzania and Ghana. It is his experience that counts the most.

Gert has received training on the Toyota Production Systems at the Toyota Manufacturing plant in Durban.  Toyota is the worlds’ most productive company, and their Kaizen champions know how to instil productivity into any other type of organisation. He is also familiar with lean manufacturing; Just in Time and other productivity systems while working with Volkswagen; Mercedes; BMW; Nampak and other dynamic organisations.

He holds a degree in Project Management, and supporting qualification in Production, Quality; Logistics and HR.  

Price per person: R6,900.00 for 3 Days

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Reliability Centered Maintenance Course


The objective of maintenance over the last twenty years has steadily shifted from a 'prevention' approach to 'risk' based approach. Maintenance strategies must evolve to support the technological requirements of modern equipment and the challenges of a competitive and legislated environment.  Packed with vital reliability insights and reliability improvement techniques, this 3-day training course in ‘Reliability Centered Maintenance and Risk Management’ is for people who want to lift the efficiency, productivity and output of their operating assets with successful reliability engineering methods. Applying RCM in accordance with SAE JA1011 is still the only credible method for developing failure management strategies and tactics

This course is the ideal introduction to the practical aspects of using reliability engineering concepts in the workplace. It takes the understanding and techniques of reliability engineering and teaches you how to apply them to get better production plant performance. You do not need to be a university trained engineer to attend. The course contents and depth of coverage is focused on using the fundamental reliability concepts and correct principles, along with applying the successful workplace practices of reliability engineering in your business.

The real focus of the course is on the useful techniques of reliability engineering used every day to improve operating and production performance through lower maintenance costs, less downtime, fewer equipment failures and higher production output.

Learn how to deliver equipment reliability improvement using every-day reliability engineering to enrich your operating and maintenance processes. The training provides you with valuable and insightful knowledge, along with practical case studies and hands-on data analysis activities you learn from. After a basic introduction to reliability engineering and equipment operational risk you see how reliability engineering is practically applied and used to achieve equipment reliability growth and optimise your maintenance management strategy.


This course provides delegates with the following:


Delegates should include the team members that would participate in the development of a reliability programme or failure management programme (maintenance policies/tactics/strategy) for the physical assets of the organisation.

Delegates would include:

Course Duration:     3 Days

SAAMA Accredited: 3 CPD Points

Cell Number: 074 876 4437


Jaco Kleynhans

E-mail: jaco@steptraining.co.za

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Cell Number: 074 876 4437


Jaco Kleynhans

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