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Highly-trained maintenance supervisors are the key to trouble-free, productive and profitable operations. Maintenance supervisors faces problems that are unique to maintenance management. Maintenance Supervision is a specialised job that requires specialised training.

Traditional “supervisory” courses just do not cover the unique skills required. Maintenance supervisors need to be effective communicators with their employees and with management, know how to motivate workers to increase productivity and how to run their department in the most efficient way possible.  In addition to these skills maintenance supervisors must also have technical, human relations, administrative, and decision making skills.

These and many other questions will be answered in this practical and effective Management Skills Course for Maintenance Supervisors.


This is our basic introductory course for building supervisory, management and team skills. These carefully chosen topics will increase the effectiveness of your managers and supervisors:


This course is designed for:

Course Duration:     2 Days

SAAMA Accredited: 2 CPD Points


Gert Oberholster has many years of experience in different aspects of Production, Project, Logistics and Quality Management while being employed by various organisations. At present he is a self-employed professional, where he makes use of process consultation techniques to operate, on assignment, as an independent advisor in the fields of Quality, Project and Production Management. He is a part time university lecturer and has 8 years’ experience in facilitation; assessments; moderations; training; education and basic auditing. He has done courses in all major areas in South Africa; Namibia; Zambia; Tanzania and Ghana. It is his experience that counts the most.

Gert has received training on the Toyota Production Systems at the Toyota Manufacturing plant in Durban.  Toyota is the worlds’ most productive company, and their Kaizen champions know how to instil productivity into any other type of organisation. He is also familiar with lean manufacturing; Just in Time and other productivity systems while working with Volkswagen; Mercedes; BMW; Nampak and other dynamic organisations.

He holds a degree in Project Management, and supporting qualification in Production, Quality; Logistics and HR.  

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